Kalari Training in Basel

I train Kalari for more than years, initially with C.M. Sherif of KKA Kalari in Kannur, since 2007 with Rajesh Chirackal, Chirackal Kalari.

Training for Kids and adults, boys and girls, gents and ladies.

Kalari training is very wide, holistic and for everybody. You train according your needs and physical condition, you train strngth, endurance, physical and mental fitness, and also your memory, mind and soul. You will strengthen your energy system.

Classes in Basel

  • Saturday 9:00 am class for children, age 7 - 13 years, Lyonstrasse 14A, 4053 Basel (Dreispitz)
  • Saturday 10:45 am class for youths and adults Lyonstrasse 14A, 4053 Basel (Dreispitz)
  • Wednesday 7:15 pm, class all ages, G├╝terstrasse 145, 4053 Basel (Gundeli)

You can join the ongoing classes any time. You can sign up for a free trial training.


Kids: 300.-/6 months one training once a week

adults: 400.-/6 months one training once a week 

Reduction for families.

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